How to change Whatsapp status

After the rapid growth and expansion of the various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the world has shrunken more and communication has eased further with the advent of social messaging sites like Whatsapp and Viber. These are miniature models of the social networking sites and have almost all these features as them. Starting from changing profile pictures to updating status to sending files, videos and images, everything can be done in these social messaging sites.

Whatsapp has gained immense popularity among people as it has become very easy to connect with people across countries. With just a press you can now connect with someone sitting in any part of the world. Like Facebook, Whatsapp statuses indicate your present situation. However, unlike Facebook, Whatsapp comes with certain default statuses. These are very similar to message templates like ‘available’, ‘busy’, ‘at school’, ‘at work’, ‘in a meeting’, ‘at the gym’ and so on. It even has certain personal status templates like ‘sleeping’, ‘at the movies’ and so on.

Steps requires to Update Your Whatsapp Status

Changing the whatsapp status is very simple and easy. The following steps can be followed if you wish to change the status of your whatsapp messenger.

  • After opening Whatsapp you can find three dots on the top right side of the screen. This needs to be tapped first.

  • The second step should be to select the status option (this comes last on the list).

  • The third step can be done in either two ways. You can either select one of the template messages or you can edit and write your own status.

  • You can also use emoticons as your Whatsapp status (this feature is not available on Facebook).

There have been certain exclusive features of Whatsapp. For instance, if you block a contact, that person would not be able to see the status. However, there have been slight differences in different models; Sony, Blackberry, Nokia, Android etc have minor variation in settings. Such differences have to be noticed. For further details and enquiries, the Whatsapp support team can be contacted.

Various sample status messages are also available on Google that can be set as status. Choose a status as per your choice and something that suits your style and personality. You can even keep the status message blank if you wish to and many people do it deliberately to create ambiguity in their account.

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